07 April 2006

He's coming home!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! :-) !!!!

The emergency vet’s prognosis yesterday was very grim, as was our regular vet’s prognosis based only on the report from the emergency vet. However...

After actually getting a chance to examine Blade and do an x-ray, our doc says if it were his dog, he wouldn’t even open him up for surgery, much less euthanize him. :-) !!! The abdominal bleeding seems to have healed since yesterday, his red blood cell percentage is back up to 27% from 21%, and the x-ray didn’t reveal anything conclusive. He’s very arthritic, he’s lost weight (which is troubling), and he almost certainly does have at least one tumor, but at this point he should just come home and take it easy. I authorized the doc to do some bloodwork and an ultrasound to try to get more info, but I’m taking him home at 12:20!

It’s likely that there’s stuff going on in his belly that’s going to kill him sooner or later – but not today!

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aBhantiarna Solas said...

We'll praise Him ... ALL the creatures here below!!