06 April 2006

Emptier house :-(

So Tina and I are both feeling pretty lonely right now. This is because in all likelihood, tomorrow morning our family will become a lot smaller. And we're both wishing Tina were here right now.

Our doggy, Blade, a roughly 13-year-old Samoyed whom we adopted from a rescue organization three years ago (after his family gave him up after 10 years because they apparently could no longer deal with his beautiful, long white fur all over their furniture), and with whom we've had many walks and adventures and cuddles and disagreements over food ownership, is probably not going to be with us after tomorrow morning. He was OK last night, but when I woke up this morning he couldn't stand up. I took him to the emergency vet with the help of my friend Jessica (thank you soooo much, Jessica!!) and they did some tests, and it turns out he's bleeding internally due to at least one tumor on his spleen. (He's so weak due to low red blood cell count.) I'm going to take him in first thing tomorrow morning to our regular vet, and they'll prepare him for surgery to remove his spleen. As part of preparations, they'll do an x-ray, and find out if (as is somewhat probable) the cancer has already spread, in which case there's really no point in surgery, and we'll probably put him to sleep. Thank God Tina was in phone contact today, and she's camping out tonight near town so she can be in contact tomorrow morning when we'll need to make decisions. But like I said, we're both feeling pretty lonely tonight.

I have to go hug my doggy. Thankfully, he's not in pain, or at least not much, just very weak. He's eating and drinking, and I gave him some junk food he likes today because, hey, what the hell.

I'll let you know how things go tomorrow morning.


r10b said...

I recently had to put down my dog who was by my side for over 16 years, longer than any living thing in my life. But where there were two suffering now there is only one. Be strong.

Ross said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news Mike.. We had a very similar experience with our last Golden. He was the best dog we've ever had (ever SEEN for that matter) - It hurts.

aBhantiarna Solas said...

Mike ... that just hurts and makes me sad for you. With much love for all three of you ... Sonja