14 January 2008

MESH this Thursday - 17 Jan

The time is coming - and is already here! - for the next MESH gathering: Thursday, 17 January, twenty-aught-ocho, at 7pm at Tequila Grande, (444 Maple Avenue West, Vienna VA 22180). What's not to love? Tasty Mexican food, friendly staff, and tequila, with fruit juice and ice, in glasses, with optional salty rims. Muy grande!

Also, given than we're a bunch of churchy types, we'll probably have some faith-related discussions. Or, maybe we'll discuss television. Or, the best of both worlds: interfaith dynamics on The Office (evangelicalism, Hinduism, narcissism...). It's all good. (The conversation, that is. And at least the narcissism is entertaining! Anyway....)

To review the rulez: for MESH purposes, you're considered a 'young adult' if you're old enough to drink a margarita and young enough not to disapprove. And, for the record, if you're under 21, come on out anyway - we'll just have to get you something else to drink.

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