25 January 2008


There are a lot of these in my neighborhood. I see them when Tina and I walk the dog, and it makes me sad. We just moved here last year, and it hasn't happened to any of our neighbors that we've gotten to know - and by the time the sign goes up, it's too late to find out what's happened to the folks who used to be our neighbors. But I'm worried that not all of them are landing on their feet. A lot of our neighbors are recent immigrants who are struggling to make a life in this country. I'm sure it must have felt enormous to them to be able to buy a house - I know what it felt like for us, and we were born right here in the USA with silver spoons in our mouths. Too bad the companies loaning these folks their mortgages were greedy and unscrupulous, and now that huge sense of accomplishment, for at least some of our neighbors, has turned into a sense of loss and fear for the future. And everybody loses, as the economic ripple effect of this greed spreads outward from the folks who have lost their homes (and similar factors) to every sector of this interdependent world economy.

I don't have any solutions to offer. Greed is here to stay, I expect. I guess I just pray that if there are things I can do to help, I won't miss them in my naval-gazing.


Cori said...

I loved this post. It would be so much easier to walk past and think, "Poor sucker, well at least its not my problem." I know its not the same as actually doing something but I think there's a lot to say for being sensitive and aware of injustices and hardship happening around us and helping others become sensitive and aware. The more sensitive and aware we are the greater the chance of being aware and sensitive to those opportunities of then actually doing something. So thanks for this, Mike!

Liz said...

I pray it doesn't happen to me... pray for a refinancing miracle in this downward trending market.

Mike Croghan said...

I will, Liz - a work friend of mine was in the same pickle, and ended up changing jobs to get a higher income (but more unpleasant work environment) in order to keep her head above water. Good thing for her she had that option. :-\ Praying!