23 January 2007

Google Gapminder and Africa

OK, check this out.

Play it once or twice, just for the "Google is kewl!" effect. Realize how much data is being visually conveyed into your brain, all at once.

Now, play it again, and watch what happens to the dots that *aren't* dark blue. Look at the red ones, or the light blue ones, or the green or orange or yellow.

Now, play it again, and just watch the dark blue dots. See what happens to those, in contrast to all the other colors. Particularly on the Y axis.

Now think about what that means. Think about the visual story being told there.

How can we freaking sleep at night?

HT: Bob Carlton


Chris and Suzanne said...

Try using the country tags to pick certain countries. Really telling.

Mike Croghan said...

Thanks, Chris and Suzanne, for stopping by, and for the helpful tip. You're right. It is.