11 January 2007

The Golden Calf

Wow - this is definitely one of the coolest things to happen in the history of this blog. Here's an e-mail I received recently from Robert Blakesley, a self-described "fledgeling poet" who has created a very lovely poetry "blogazine" called Linekin Bay Review:

Hello Michael
I ran across your intriguing blog "by chance" some months ago. Have only scratched the surface but was really taken by your post of May 7, 2006 on idolatry. It prompted me to organize my thoughts and eventually I wound up writing a poem you might enjoy, copied below. You can find the poem on my blog (http://linekinbay.blogspot.com) along with a number of others.
Best wishes,
~~ Robert

Scientist challenges believer,
believer dooms atheist,
Christian fights with Muslim fights with Jew:
You are so sure you have the truth,
I’m convinced I see the way.
We can’t all be right,
on that only
do we humans agree.

Differences fuel mistrust,
we take up arms.
Deeper down though I at least
yearn to be understood . . . to understand.
Must not we each, somewhere in our being,
be tiring of dissonance,
yearn to know the other,
yearn for resolution
into harmonious counterpoint?

Differing stories, differing models,
differing maps handed down,
have variously illuminated our different paths.
Mythical explanations,
reassuring beliefs, rituals and holy books
once may have been golden reflectors of light,
if not the Light itself.

Now it’s as though we have recast
. . . dare I say it, no one would admit it . . .
our holy books and holy words themselves
into objects of worship,
new versions of the Golden Calf,
as we wait and wander the dry desert . . .
separate, deep down unsure and afraid,
ill at ease with the mystery,
thirsting for the Unknowable.

I admit I'm not someone who reads a lot of poetry, but I really, really like that one. I like what it says, and I like the beauty and rhythm of it, too. As I said to Robert, I find the fact that I may have helped inspire such a beautiful thing unimaginably cool. :-) So, hop on over to Robert's blogazine and check out his other intriguing stuff!

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