06 June 2006

Why is there an ad for winches on my blog?

An ad for winches seems like an odd thing to find at the top of a personal theology journal. What is that thing doing there? Have I sold out?

Glad you asked! I'm running that ad free of charge because it's actually raising money for a very good cause. My friend Israel's mom and dad are trying to start a non-profit business to raise money to provide social and economic help for single-mother families. The winch store, in their words, "illustrates our enterprising approach to nonprofit self-support". They're hoping to make enough money to put food on their table (a goal they aren't currently meeting, though they live very simply) and to put everything else they make into support for single moms.

Israel also supplied the following info on his mom and dad:
"Also, you might mention that mom has M.S. and Dad is an intestinal cancer survivor with complications that prevent him from working full time right now (until he can afford surgery)."

So, I think it's a worthy cause. I don't need any winches or winch accessories, but maybe you do, or maybe you know somebody who does. Anybody into forestry? Landscaping? Uh, getting your jeep back on the road to the dock when you drove into the jungle during a rainstorm and you're about to get eaten by dilophosaurs? OK, that last one didn't work out so well for the guy in Jurassic Park, but perhaps you or a loved one have a better use for a winch. If so, then I'm told (by a forestry guy) that the prices can't be beat, and I know the worthiness of the cause is genuine. So that's why I've got an ad for winches on my theology blog. Please go to http://www.toothbone.net/ for more information. Thanks!

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