24 June 2006

Article: The Missional Church

There's an excellent article on Missional Church up on the web site of the Urbana convention, the mission conference of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship that's been going on for something like sixty years. I'm not sure to what extent that means Missional Church thinking will be part of this year's Urbana in December in St. Louis. I asked my friend Israel (hat tip to him, by the way, for pointing me at the article) what else he knows about it.

Bartimaeus, this article might be worth a link from the "Friend of Missional" page. I think it's quite good. Go InterVarsity!


Swandive said...

who gives me great books to read? you do you do!
Thanks for the soul food brother!

Bartimaeus said...

Michael: Nice article and good suggestion . I added a link to it at Friend of Missional.