06 July 2007

Events of the "upcoming" variety

A couple of things to put on your calendar, if you're so moved:

The Washington, DC Emergent Cohort is meeting on Monday evening, 16 July, 7pm, at a new place: The Front Page, right across from the Dupont Circle metro. Easier to get to than the Irish pub in Bethesda where we used to gather, blessed as it was with delicious Harp, Guinness, and fish and chips, but cursed as it was by Quiz Night loudness and, well, being in Bethesda. I don't think we're going to have an impressive guest speaker, but please come anyway - it's never been about the guest speakers (though we've had some fine ones) - it's about connecting with folks trying to make their way following Jesus in different area communities. More info on the Cohort blog.

Also, the little community called "mesh" is going to meet on Thursday the 19th at Tequila Grande in Vienna, also at 7pm. This month, we're giving up any pretense of being "about" anything - no book or movie to discuss; we're just going to have some margaritas and chips and salsa together and share what's going on in our lives. Again, it's all about the connecting. There's a theory that says this group is for "young adults", but I don't know what that means, nor am I certain that either word applies to me personally. If you're old enough to drink a margarita, and young enough to not disapprove of margaritas, you're invited. :-) More info on the mesh blog, including the fact that Susan and I are buying the first round of 'ritas.

Let me know if you want further info on either gathering. Peace!

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Grey said...

Are you guys really buying the first round? I guess I'll have to show up...

I started writing again... for at least a week, so we'll see what happens.

Fr. Rick asked me to write a little bit for him, so I went ahead and posted it here too, because, well I had to put it somewhere.

Then I wrote some other stuff too.

hope you are well.