11 June 2007

DC Emergent Cohort meeting tonight

Quick reminder: The Washngton, DC Emergent Cohort is meeting tonight. I'll steal Sara's words from the official DC Cohort Blog:

June 11th will bring us Wes White, an American theologican who lives in Glasgow, Scotland and is spearheading the TREK (Theological Resoursing for an Emerging Kultur) across Europe. We are grateful that Wes was able to stay an extra day on his journey across the pond to spend an evening with us. TREK springs from the concept of sharing around the local table and in healthy mission.

White writes, "TREK is premised on the conviction that there is good and bad theology, and that the distance between the two is best measured by mission. Furthermore, we, the TREK Team, beleive that good theology includes facts (history, geography, personages, events, ect.) , but so much more. Healthy theology fancies the narrative, the nuance, the give and take, the mystery, the passion, and the imagination. In short, it personifies the freedom that inheres in God himself who is relationship in community (trinity) and who, in love (1John 4:8) invites the whole of creation into the ever expanding community of himself (mission)".

Please join us for a lively conversation this night.

More information about TREK can be found here http://www.localtable.org

We can be found at the Harp and Fiddle, 4844 Cordell Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

on the 2nd Monday of the month in the back room at 7pm.

I'm planning on going, so if you want to Metro in together, let me know.

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